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This level consists of courses that are essentials of Islamic religious education. The courses are simply structured to suit the beginner learner experience.


This level provides courses that deepen your knowledge with essential Islamic concepts and historical insights.


Courses at the intermediate level explore the complexities of Islamic theology and contemporary issues


The advanced level courses provide opportunities to study deep Islamic philosophy and Quranic exegesis

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Access knowledge anywhere, anytime with our flexible online platform.

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Learn from top educators and scholars that ensure high-quality and reliable content.

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Foster not only knowledge but also your personal growth,spiral insight, and positive life transformations.

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Join dynamic discussion groups and a supportive community of learners and scholars.

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Explore our wide array of courses tailored to your interests and level of knowledge.

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Explore our wide array of courses tailored to your interests and level of knowledge.

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As a mother, I always struggled to balance my passion for learning with my responsibilities as a parent. However, Muslims Edu has been a game-changer for me. The flexibility of their courses allowed me to pursue my interest in Islamic education while still being there for my children. Now, I can explore a broad selection of on-demand Islamic courses and deepen my knowledge without compromising my role as a mother. Thank you, Muslims Edu, for making quality islamic education accessible and manageable for moms like me!

Muslims Edu offers an impressive selection of on-demand Islamic courses. As a beginner, I found the Beginner level courses perfect for building a strong foundation in religious education. I am exploring the Intermediary level now and the thought-provoking courses on contemporary issues are truly eye-opening!

I am amazed by the wealth of knowledge and qualified scholars available at Muslims Edu . The Advanced level courses have allowed me to delve into profound Islamic philosophy and Quranic exegesis, taking my understanding to new heights. I feel fortunate to be a part of this community!